What We do

Held every other Sunday for Bible Studies, Marriage Teachings, Prayer Meetings, Open forums, Deliverance, etc.
Leaders Retreat • First General Retreat • ‘Owonta Retreats’ • Children’s’ Conference • Second General Retreat - Women’s camping conference for all women
Prayer Marathon • Couples Meeting • Family Gathering • Couples Dinner

Watch Testimony time

"The joy of seeing marriages- hopelessly dead brought to life
is the Greatest joy we desire".

Other Activities

Marriage Counselling

• Constant daily prayers for Christian Marriages
• Premarital counseling
• Postmarital Counseling
• General Counseling

Single's Program

Before you say I Do!

Radio Ministry

The ministry has been involved in a radio ministry for the past seven years now, first on Spirit FM dubbed “Gye W’aware” which was held every Friday. Now it is currently hosted by Sumsum Fm on Thursdays from 4 pm to 5 pm.

The purpose of this radio program is to spread The Good News and win souls for Christ. It is also to teach the basic principles of marriage as given to us in The Bible.

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