Ruth 4:13 ¶ So Boaz took Ruth and she became his wife; and when he went in to her, the LORD gave her conception, and she bore a son.

Song 1:2 ¶ Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy Love, Affection, Care,Worshipis better than wine.


  1. To Move CloserTo Something Or Somebody
  2. To Deal With Something In A Particular Way


Approach Sex With Love; knowing fully well that sex is love making.

Approach Sex With Kindness: knowing fully well that God created sex to be enjoyed not to be endured. Do everything in the bedroom out of kindness to your mate; go for longer foreplay to show that you are kind to your Him/her.

Approach Sex With Thanksgiving; knowing fully well that sex is a gift from God. Always see sex as a gift from God, accept it with love, accept it with joy, and accept it with thanksgiving.

Approach Sex With Selflessness; knowing fully well that givers never lack. Most people approach the bed with the thought of what to gain and enjoy, not with the mind of what to give to their partner and to satisfy them.

Approach Sex With Patience; knowing that love is patient and that sex is not a race, don’t make love in an hurry.

Approach Sex With Good Communication; knowing fully well that your spouse is different from you and that lack of good communication only bring frustration. Good game needs good talk, as you get the door to your bedroom close, get communication door wide open, keep on talking,

  1. Talk about your body
  2. Your pleasure
  3. What you want
  4. How you want it, how fast, how slow
  5. Where you want to be Touch

Approach Sex With Excitement; knowing full well that this is the most exciting thing on earth.

  1. Get excited
  2. Give excitement
  3. Look for excitement and look forward to really enjoy sex with great excitement.

Approach Sex With Contentment; knowing full well that your spouse is enough to satisfy you. Be content with your spouse’s body, see him or her as the best God can offer you as far as sex is concerned.