I got married four years ago and my problems started approximately one year afterward. Due to work commitments, I was living in Kumasi with my husband living in Accra. He started engaging in extra-marital affairs with a girlfriend in Accra who stayed with him when I returned to Kumasi after my visits. Once I had knowledge of this, and visited him unannounced and met them together and viciously attacked them. I learnt to my horror that the girlfriend was pregnant with his child. She would call and verbally abuse and taunt me, referring to him as our husband. My husband would even support her and would threaten me against retaliating against his girlfriend. He eventually moved in with her without my knowledge and she would text to taunt me whenever they were together. My husband started abusing me, insinuating that I was not a woman worth being married to etc., and threatened to take away my son and divorce me. He didnt speak to me for about two months.

I discussed the on-going issues with Mummy and she prayed with me. During the couples dinner which I attended on my own, he called me on the phone and two days later was in Kumasi to visit us. He felt guilty and asked for forgiveness, saying he knew only my prayers had saved him from the clutches of his now ex-girlfriend. We went to church together, and have now been blessed with another baby, to the glory of God.