I got married in Oct 2010 and after suffering two miscarriages, I was introduced to WWPM. Two months after joining, a prayer and fasting meeting was organised for women expecting the fruit of the womb, dubbed Owonta Retreat. Along with twenty-four (24) other women, I attended this programme, after which about seven of them conceived. Mummy continued praying with me, but then I missed my period. When I started bleeding, I became concerned that I might miscarry again.

I had a prophecy to expect a miracle, but I did not even know I was still pregnant then. We had another prayer and fasting session which I participated not realizing I was pregnant; it really came as a surprise when the pregnancy test was affirmative. I was told by the Dr to expect a Caesarean section due to my previous history, but Mummy stood in prayer with me and when my time was due, I safely delivered of a baby girl. Glory to God!